Astro New Packages : Super Packs

I found out about this only recently and i got straight to Astro to evaluate my current package and to see if im paying the lowest price for what i have. I used to pay about RM145 for my entire package (including HD services) and did not have the movie package. Now i dont have the Metro Package but i have movies(which is not cheap!) and i only have to pay RM125. Not bad a savings! Here is newly introduced…

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Note to Self : Persistence

Persistence Persistence Persistence In my all time favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, Andy who became a librarian to help Brooks. When Andy steps into the library he see’s how run down the library is and decides to write to the State Senate to request for a donation to improve the library. He wrote 1 letter a week continuously for 6 years and eventually got a response with the State Senate: In addition, the Library District has generously responded with a charitable…

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Warrior Sports Replaces Adidas

Here’s a something new, Liverpool FC are set to end their kit sponsorship with adidas and have agreed to have Warrior Sport to be their new kit supplier from 2012-2013 season onwards. The £25m-a-year kit deal with Boston-based company Warrior Sports is expected to be a long-term relationship which puts Nike’s deal with Manchester United – worth £23.5m – into the shade. Warrior, a subsidiary of New Balance are big player in the United States where they have traditionally been associated…

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