win 8


Windows 8

The brand spanking new Windows 8 is around the corner in most places. In some countries it’s already available. If you are like me and your company was running on the very heavy and very slow Windows Vista or XP till recently Windows 7 was introduced and feels like it’s a new machine all together, the world is moving fast! While it might be a long shot till your company gets you on Windows 8, it’s perhaps a good time to upgrade…

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Microsoft Office 2013 Preview Now Available

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Office 2013, that is designed to be Experienced at its best on Windows 8 devices. The new office includes PDF editing in Word, enhanced presentation mode in PowerPoint, FlashFill auto-complete in Excel, People Card in Outlook, and many more. The latest version of Office takes everything to the cloud which means that you now will be able to have your files across various devices using SkyDrive . This not only carries across your files but templates, settings…

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